Sunday, October 22, 2006

Stick Pictures

The other day, when I was happily engaged in taking a bunch of closeups using my spiffy new RRS CB-18 as a tripod arm, I was trying (unsuccessfully, it turns out) to turn a random clutter of vine maple branches into a compelling photograph, and the phrase 'stick pictures' popped into my mind.

It took me a while to figure out where the phrase came from, but I finally twigged to it this morning (pun intended, sorry). I first heard of stick pictures from Doug Plummer. So I sat down, and searched for 'doug plummer stick pictures', and came up with this link to Doug's Stick Pictures Portfolio.

Wow. I'd heard about Doug's stick pictures from Doug. I'd read about them on his blog. But I know that I'd never seen them, and when I sat down and went through the entire portfolio, I was stunned. I'm in awe. The portfolio is just fabulous. Go, and be amazed at Doug's incredible ability to tease a sort of harmonic order out of apparent chaos.

Interesting point: go look at the photos. Then go back, and flip through, and pay attention to the span of time over which the photos were made. Extra wow.


Blogger Colin [] said...

Another addict :-)

6:50 AM  
Blogger Doug Plummer said...

Thank you so much for this endorsement. I really appreciate it.

Doug Plummer

6:25 PM  

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