Friday, October 13, 2006

Please Help Youth In Focus

Wednesday night or early Thursday morning, Youth In Focus, a non-profit organization that works with urban teens using photography as a tool to make positive changes in their lives, was burglarized. Stolen was their digital camera equipment used for the digital portion of their instruction. The cost of the stolen equipment is over $7000.00 and their insurance will only cover a portion of this loss. There is a concern that some of their classes may have to be cancelled ... and it's the kids who will pay the price.

Go to their web site. <> Read their mission statement. View the galleries. I've been to their shows, and both the photographs and the written statements that go with the photos are astounding. These folks are making a positive difference.

They need digital equipment to replace what was stolen. I imagine they will not turn down offers of cash. If you can help them out, please, please do.

Contact info:

Lori K. Vail
Operations Assistant
Youth in Focus
2100 24th Ave. S., Ste. 310
Seattle, Wa 98144
(206) 407.2121
Tax ID: 91-1821137


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