Friday, December 08, 2006

Other things you should read

If you don't read Colin Jago's Photostream blog, you should wander over there and read The Grass is Always Beautiful. I had a similar post about 80% written but Colin has done a much nicer job than I was doing, so just go over there and read his. And then, at the end, add a line that says "Yeah, me too - Paul Butzi" at the end.

I've fallen in love with Tracy Helgeson's blog, both because I think her landscape paintings are just awesome and because I think it's really interesting to read how seamlessly she seems to integrate artmaking into a very interesting daily life.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Paul, Kept seeing links in my stats coming from your blog so I thought I'd come and see what's doing! Thanks for the mention and am glad you have fallen in love with me-oops I mean with my blog:-)

5:23 PM  

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