Tuesday, November 14, 2006

"Quiet" Photography

I stumbled on The Landscapists yesterday, I don't remember my path to finding it. It's a relatively new (and very interesting) blog.

I especially enjoyed this post, about 'quiet' photography. I'm a fan of what I think of as quiet photography - and to the extent that the web seems to push things away from that direction, I am anxious about the impact of the web (and photoblogs).

I was especially intrigued, though, by the idea that 'quiet' photographs must be small scale works. How small must they be to be quiet? 5"x7"? Can an 11"x14" be 'quiet'? How about a 20"x30"?

I guess if I'm the only 'quiet' photographer making big prints, it means I have the niche all to myself. Or maybe I'm not as quiet as I think I am.


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